Phoenix Creation

Inspired By Nature.
Perfected By Man.

Billions of years ago, deep in the recesses of the Earth, Nature created the sparkling beauty of diamonds. Today man is replicating this process, creating diamonds using modern, scientific methods in a fully controlled environment.

The result a new breed of lab-grown diamonds, created more scientifically, in a more eco-friendly, ethical manner. Matching every characteristic of the natural stone. As brilliant. As beautiful. True symbols of caring, of passion, of love.

Jewelry that Cares

Jewelry crafted with lab-grown diamonds is jewelry that stands for sustainability, for care for the environment, for ethical, all-round human development. It truly symbolises caring for others, for the Earth, for the future.

Many Reasons to shine

In lab-grow diamonds, the basic building blocks of nature evolved. Smoothening out the rough edges, cleansing substances of their impurities, sharpening the core qualities. Made near perfect by science. They are the epitome of purity, of quality, of beauty. The best symbols of true love.

A Certified Success

Across the world, gem-testing labs check and issue certificates defining the characteristics of individual stones.

The Allure of Innovation

Besides that natural beauty which comes from the structure of the gemstone, lab-grown diamonds represent another innovative step in the evolution of science and man. A new beginning in creating products with a conscience, they have an internal glitter that adds to their overall appeal.

Responsible for the future

Diamonds grown in controlled conditions are infinite resources. They can be reproduced again and again. Without affecting the surroundings and with virtually on long term impact. They don’t just stand for beauty today. They represent a beautiful tomorrow too.

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